History of the house


This is the turning of a walk, a few years ago, in the beautiful and typical Basque province of soule, as Veronica and Philip discovered, hidden under a thick vegetation near a mill in the state of ruin. Despite this, it was love at first sight! . Taking their courage, is we decided to restore this building, its nobility, transforming it into current home and comfortable. Stonemason professional and avid wood, I wanted to bring the cottage (the water mill) to its original condition, so you can see from the living water flowing under the house …. you imagining miller . The staircase made with some tree branches found on the banks of the creek that borders the property. Finally, since March 2010 is over, our first tenants entered the premises and occupy the mill.

2008 first day


The renovation 2008 – 2010

Since 2008, here we are owners of the ruined mill which will occupy a lot of our weekends, our holidays, restoration and creation has both the outside is inside. The adventure of this renovation was full of surprise, unexpected and unforeseen events that we have mobilized until 2010.




The Moulin Eyherra it is a country house since 1698, classified 3 stars, totally equipped and improved with passion and good taste, in a quiet and calm place. It has a capacity for 2 to 8 people in a surface of 115 m2, 2 km away from Tardets. Its placed in the heart of the French side of the Pays Basque, in Laguinge- Restoue in Soule, Atlantic Pirinès, in the middle of the mountain, 2500 m high.


The Moulin is the hot spot for fishing, mountain walks, visiting the Pays Basque and Bearn. Our region is rich in activities and places to discover, so it can be visited all year long. The Moulin offers the possibility of quiet and peace full holydays, just next of a riverside hearing the sweet running water at sunset.


Forget your problems and enjoy your holidays!!

Choose any duration and any season, Veronique and Philipe would be happy to advise you about the activities and places.


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Veronique and Philipe

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